Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas
If you need some ideas on how to go about decorating your bedroom bohemian style, which is in the right place. Bohemian style d├ęcor involves the use of many colors, so read on to learn how to make your bedroom vibrant and colorful.

Bohemia is a word often associated with non-compliance, Gypsies, and all things that are unconventional. The word originated in Bohemia, a historic area in central Europe, whose people were against the rigid rules of society. In today's world, the bohemian applies to those who do not meet the standards and prefer to live life by their own rules. So you have bohemian clothing, fashion, art and even beliefs.

The design of a bohemian style bedroom is a lot of fun and can use their creativity and ideas to reach a more conventional forms of complete bedroom makeover. Getting here is easy and not very expensive. The boldness of color is the most important aspect in any style bohemian decor, whether on walls or furniture. You do not need a lot of thought put a bright color if they adapt well to another. It may seem strange, even bizarre, but after that it's all about. The idea is not to do anything you can do with a regular room.

Bohemian style rooms

From the walls, paint of any color depth and gloss of your choice. Choose between red, orange, pink, bright blue, etc. Plan on an accent wall a different color. You can even use a live wallpaper colors or textures to decorate their walls. Another option is to decorate the walls striking imitation jewelry and a large amount of brightness everywhere. Hang mosaic artworks, tapestries woven colorful hand-full of pictorial design.
For bedding, again, remember that you need to use rich, deep colors. Use a color tone that contrasts with the color of your walls. Use glossy prints of their covers and pillowcases. Quilts spread on the bedspread. Use silk scarves hanging on his reinforced or near the curtains. If the floors without carpets, rugs go for that are made of geometric patterns. Replace chairs with ottomans, Moroccan poufs in particular that really improve the look and add a touch bohemian gypsy-like.

If you have a canopy bed with a canopy decorated with tassels or beads strung and hung next to the cups. You could also cover the fabric of silk or colored tape on the covers of a bed canopy. Hand beaded curtains in the windows and doors. A fly on the flag, or for that matter, on the walls, is another great idea.
Buy a lot of accessories to fix your room. Place everywhere. Bohemia is the opposite of tidy. Shopping in a thrift store, flea market, antique shops and even garage sales. These are the best places you can find a lot of junk in your room without making intensive use of its portfolio. Buy statues, exotic lamps, trinkets, rugs, artwork, chandeliers, funky pottery, ancient lanterns, wooden sculptures, which can put in their hands, and what the ideal is not part of their standard decorations . Place them in your room, above the head, in closets and cupboards, whenever appropriate. Proposition old toys stuffed between the cushions.
If you're a music fan, adorn your walls with posters of their favorite music stars and rock bands. Your room will have the retro look is prevalent in the 1960s.You can use any old furniture that has not been used in ages because it was obsolete. Remove it, clean it and place it in the room. Garnish with shots of bright colors.
Place colored glass vases with fresh flowers or silk in her bedroom. Sculptures and busts also give a bohemian feel to the decor.

Accent the room with soft lighting, an important aspect of decorating bohemian style, which essentially gives a cozy feel. Use lamps that emit a soft glow, bathing the room in luminescence.
Hang a crystal chandelier. Fabric covered with sequins or beaded chain.

When it comes to using the bohemian style to decorate your room, no shortage of ideas. The possibilities are endless. Do not opt ​​for neutral colors or minimalist art of decorating the room. The more accessories in the room, bohemian is! Do not be afraid to go overboard with your decor. Use a touch of vibrant colors. Mix and match pieces of eclectic art and jazz up your bedroom. That's the norm! Get your creative juices flowing.
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Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas
Bohemian Style Bedroom Ideas
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